Books which influenced me in communications

Non-PR books that every PR professional must read

     To be good at communications, one needs to be good at several other things first. Communications is the science of all other sciences and knowledge acquisition about other fields becomes as important as knowledge of communications.  

    Some of the books listed here have deeply influenced my thinking. The complete list is long and I'll try to keep adding to it in future blogposts. Have tried to put down the publishers names also in case someone is interested. 

1. Rhetoric by Aristotle, (Translated by W. Rhys Roberts)
2. Language, Truth and Logic by Ayer, A.J.  Penguin.
3. The Moral Point of View by Baier, Kurt. Random House.
4. The Meme Machine by Blackmore, Susan. Oxford University Press

5. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Chomsky, Noam. Pantheon.
6. American-style (Essay) by Chomsky, Noam. Propaganda,  Black Rose. 
7. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Cialdini, Robert B. Harper Collins.
8. The Blind Watchmaker by Dawkins, Richard. Norton & Co.
9. The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution by Dawkins, Richard. Bantam.
10. The Selfish Gene  by Dawkins, Richard. Oxford University Press.
11. Collapse  by Diamond, Jared. Viking.
12. Guns, Germs and Steel by Diamond, Jared. Norton.

In case you're interested in a big big list, I am going to be posting one in my DECODING 
COMMUNICATIONS book blog soon. (