The Changing World Of Information Tracking

As India moves in to achieve greater heights in terms of development- business growing at scorching pace, new developments shaping up every moment, Corporate aspirations are expanding like never before.

With the media contributing by fueling the growth story, every corporate head honcho worth his salt wants grab his share of voice in the media. The elite team of communication professionals looks out to exploit every given opportunity to highlight their constituents in the media. So far so good, but with the continuous bombardment of information perpetrated through the media, keeping track of the information becomes as challenging as releasing it in the media.

Most corporate communication breed limit themselves collecting information of their company, normally done in house or by hiring an agency- ordinarily termed as news tracking service. However, increasingly the information hungry C- suites and Heads of the organisation are looking to feed themselves with more information. Having realized being successful is not enough, the challenge is to remain successful, for that information on a daily basis is now a necessity.

The journalists on their part are doing a great job by not just collecting material for the news but also analyzing and giving insightful judgment. News is now viewed as one of the most important source of information for the decision makers in the organisation. By arming themselves with competition information and industry scenario, Business Heads look to stay one step ahead of others.

The decision makers, always challenged for time, need their daily dose of information in an encapsulated form. The media in their bid to cater to all and sundry, end up bringing only general awareness. This has created an opportunity for collating the news as information and customizing it to suit the individual business need. The last leg of information reaching the targeted audience thus gets completed by providing “Information Logistics”.

Client insights and deep sector understanding is the call of the day for media monitoring agencies. Striking a different course from the ordinary news tracking service, Blue Bytes News Pvt Ltd, has expertise in collating all the news relevant to the client need.

Blue Bytes brings news that matter to people that matter. Business Heads of some of the well known corporate names rely on the daily information for basing their business decisions. Semindia, ITC Hotels, Hiranandani Realtors, are few amongst the host of others who get their daily dose of information through “Information Logistics Service” provided by Blue Bytes.


Cul de Sac said…
I completely agree with Piyush! The world of information is mutating rapidly. It is getting more important to know what to eliminate than to know what to get!!

Mass customization of news will be the order of the day!!